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Bob Penkhus

The Bob Penkhus family of dealerships had its humble beginning back in 1951 when Robert N. Penkhus moved his young family from Ames, Iowa, and opened a small used car operation in Colorado Springs. New cars were added to the operation on Pikes Peak Avenue in 1957 when the Company became one of the ten dealers in the United States to obtain a Volvo Franchise. In 1972 the Volvo Franchise was moved to a fledgling area of Colorado Springs called Motor City.

Mr. Penkhus' son, Robert A. Penkhus ("Bob"), joined his father in the business upon his graduation from the University of Denver. Bob Penkhus gradually assumed responsibility for all aspects of dealership operations, and in 1977, became President..

Since then, the Company had the honor of acquiring Mazda, VW and Mitsubishi and has grown tremendously, with three locations in Colorado Springs.

In 2016, Bob Penkhus was one of 50 dealers nominated for the Time Dealer of the Year award.  As the only dealer in the state of Colorado, Bob was quite honored by this nomination which is one of the automobile industry's most  prestigious and highly coveted honors.  Recipients are among the nation's most successful auto dealers who demonstrate a long-standing commitment to community service.

We have been so fortunate to serve Southern Colorado since 1951, sixty plus years and we couldn't be more proud.  Thank you to all of the customers that have given us this opportunity to earn their business!


Sales Department

Sales Consultant

Brian joined our sales team back in 2009 and our customers at our Powers location are very happy he did!  Brian has a tremendous customer base because he is so easy to work with and even has his own Facebook business page!  His nickname is Brian "Carside" and he enjoys this title very much.  Of course he is Mazda Master Certified and works hard to keep current on all the automotive trends.  He also has very specific customer goals; "Listening to what the customer is trying to accomplish is key and then finding the right vehicle to match those needs". 

David T
Sales Consultant

David is a Colorado Native and he has been in the car business for 3 years now! He is a car enthusiast and is excited to help each customer with their vehicle needs.


Business Department

Business Manager

Dustin has been a key part of our sales team here at Bob Penkhus for the past 6 years!  His consistent training, to ensure he is Mazda Certified, gives him the ability to truly guide his customers to the best possible product.  By doing this he saves them time and provides them with the best customer experience he can.  His family is important to him and he tries to spend as much time as possible with his kids.


Service Department

Customer Relations Coordinator

Linda puts her thirty years of automotive experience to the test every day as she works with our amazing customers!  Her goal is to provide each customer the best experience she can and takes personal pride in doing so.  She feels it is important to listen and truly hear the customer when there is a problem.  Once she clearly understand their concerns or frustrations, she works effectively and efficiently to correct the problem now and for future visits.  She also wants the customers she works with to feel appreciated and know that they can trust us with their vehicle needs. 

Linda was a Special Forces wife for over 20 years while raising her four boys.

Master Technician

Receiving the title of Mazda Master Technician is no easy task.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to your craft and Jeremy is proud to have that distinction behind his name!  Not only is he a Mazda Master but Volvo and ASE as well!  Great job Jeremy!  As the owner of a fitness and martial arts center, he understands how a business works and how important a customer is to his success.  That is why his goal is to provide the best service, the first repair...period.

Master Technician

Eric is an Elite Master Mazda Technician and has 13 years of experience, 7 with the Bob Penkhus organization.  He ranked in the top five during the North American Master Technician competition in 2015.  He has multiple ASE certifications and believes this training and his many years of hands-on experience allow him to provide the highest quality repairs and service to his many customers.