Buy Used With Confidence

At Bob Penkhus Mazda at Powers, we understand that buying a used car can be stressful for many individuals. After all, you don't always know if you are getting the quality you deserve from a reliable dealer. But that's never the case at Bob Penkhus. We hold integrity to the utmost importance and are always transparent with our customers. We are committed to simplifying the used car process - guiding you every step of the way.

Our team puts every used car through a meticulous inspection before we even put it up for sale, then we do everything it takes to match you to the used car that's right for you and your family. Our detailed inspection starts with a physical overview of the used car. We look for problems, including rust, corrosion, peeling paint, scratches, dents, and water damage. Next, the mechanical system and service and parts are inspected including the tires and brakes. Lastly, we review the paperwork to ensure its record is clear and there are no issues with the title. Once we are certain that the used car is safe and sound, we make it available to purchase. 

Pre-Owned Inventory from Bob Penkhus Mazda at Powers

Save even more on your favorite Mazda vehicles when you choose used from Bob Penkhus Mazda at Powers. We know what the drivers of Colorado Springs need, and we have the prices you want. Are you looking for a reliable and affordable vehicle for your family? Or maybe you just want to upgrade to something fun and exciting, without having to spend all your hard-earned savings? Choosing a used or pre-owned vehicle from Bob Penkhus is the best way to do just those things.

Used and Pre-Owned Models from Mazda and More

We have a wide selection of pre-owned Mazda cars and SUVs to meet your needs. The Mazda CX-5 is the perfect choice for families in Castle Rock looking for something that's roomy, but still offers the performance needed to tackle the roads of Falcon. 

You'll find not only pre-owned Mazda models, but you'll also enjoy browsing our selection of other used cars from Honda, Subaru, Toyota, and more - all for the prices you need. There's no reason to stress over reliability when it comes to your used vehicle. Private sellers can't offer you the assurance and confidence in your purchase that Bob Penkhus Mazda at Powers can. 

Enjoy your drive again from Monument to the Air Force Academy and more when you choose a used or pre-owned car from Bob Penkhus Mazda at Powers.


Don't stress over financing your next used or pre-owned vehicle from Bob Penkhus Mazda at Powers, we have the financing option for you. Fill out our secure online form to pre-qualify for credit and even get a value for your trade-in vehicle, all from the comfort of your own home in Woodland Park. Schedule a test drive of one of our used or pre-owned vehicles today, and we're sure you'll love the value and convenience they provide.